Monday, November 7, 2011

Pixie Dust Decor Fabrics for Carousel Designs- a Match Made in Heaven

I meet some extremely talented and friendly people in my line of work. Not only am I thrilled to offer their beautiful products to my clients and now through my store, but I thoroughly enjoy getting to know these designers on a more personal level as well. We share our trials and triumphs and are genuinely happy for one another's successes. Yes, this industry is full of good people and I feel blessed to work with such inspirational creatives on a daily basis.
Today I want to introduce you to one of those friends who has supported me over the years, Stacy McCallum. She is the founder and designer of a beautiful line of fabrics, Pixie Dust Decor. I'm so excited for her, as she's recently partnered up with a leader in the baby bedding, industry, Carousel Designs who will now produce bedding featuring her beautiful fabrics. I simply CAN'T WAIT to design a nursery around one of these beautiful sets. Read on for details on how this partnership came to be...

Pixie Dust Décor is a textile and children’s décor design studio dedicated to bringing style minded parents enchanting décor options for their child’s special space.
For the last four years Pixie Dust has enjoyed a tremendous response to its fresh classic textile designs and fun, functional made goods.  Beautiful boutiques and wonderful websites carry Pixie Dust textiles and product  all over the country as well as a handful international destinations.
Building on that momentum, Pixie Dust Decor's founder and designer,  Stacy McCallum decided to expand her textile offerings by reaching out to select manufacturers of fine children's goods allowing Pixie Dust to collaborate on nursery essentials such as bedding and artwork. 

Earlier this spring, a well timed conversation brought her right to the doorstep of Carousel Designs.  One week before Carousel's design team was headed to the international textile markets, Stacy was able to connect her designs with their new bedding offerings.  Today their are five different textile offerings on the Carousel website (  ready to be created into custom baby bedding, twin and cradle bedding as well as some beautifully made accessories manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Stacy feels lucky to have such a fabulous partnership  with Carousel Designs! While other partnerships are in the works, Pixie Dust will continue to create enchanting new designs and limited production gift items that their customers have grown to love.


Pixie Dust Decor said...

Yea!!! Thank you soooo much!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That is wonderful news for Stacy! A couple of years ago, I did a blog giveaway of her fabric. She was very generous.