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I have an affinity for traditional decor and I also love repurposing and recycling products when designing nurseries and kids' rooms as well as throughout my own home. By stylishly reusing items that many might see as old fashioned, outdated or passé, I gain a great sense of accomplishment. I believe we should all do our part to be environmentally responsible and repurposing furniture is a great way to do so.
Armoires have served many purposes throughout history. Initially these large cabinets were necessary for clothing storage. Many older homes did not have closets in bedrooms. An armoire was a great way to hang the few articles of clothing the average person possessed in the day.  But as new homes were built, closets were added and armoires became less important. As time went on, we began seeing them used to hold our televisions in the 1980's and 90's. They were a great way to hide away those large, bulky and ugly black boxes when not in use.  But as televisions became thinner, we were able to hang them neatly on our walls, making the armoire obsolete for yet another purpose.
I think armoires are one of the most versatile pieces one can use when decorating a child's room. I really love the look of a nursery armoire and often recommend these beauties to my clients.  A nursery armoire can be used as a changing station for the baby, blanket storage or for hanging delicate little dresses. As your child grows, it can become toy storage,  a computer station, a gaming station or can be used to stack favorite sweaters and sweatshirts. It's a piece of kids' furniture that can serve it's purpose for many years.
I've gathered some great images here for you. Hopefully they'll inspire you to repurpose that old armoire you might have in the basement gathering dust!
Armoire BEFORE 
Armoire AFTER. 
I love chalkboard paint. What a great idea for a kids' room or kitchen! Family messages can be jotted here, sweet nothings written, reminders to clean up your room...the possibilities are endless! (courtesy of
Nursery Armoire I used when designing the Cake Boss Nursery
Why not remove the doors and use your armoire as a shelving unit? Photo courtesy of
Don't you just love the power of PAINT?! Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Computer armoire used by a pre-teen girl.
I know this is's closet doors painted to look like an armoire! How cute is this?! Image courtesy of
Believe it or not, this is only 7"'s for a doll house. What I wouldn't do for a big version of this for my studio! Image courtesy of
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