Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Give-Away!

Want to win a piece of Sherri Blum Designs artwork? Let's see how many fans we can get for Jack and Jill Interiors' Facebook fan page! I will draw a name on January 4 from all Jack and Jill fans to win this piece of wall art personalized for you or a friend! (This is the same design owned by "The Office" actress, Angela Kinsley.) You have to be a Jack and Jill Interiors fan to win. Tell your friends! Post about it, Tweet, Share on Facebook and anything you're able to do to help us out. (This is a limited edition presented as a 12" square giclee canvas- perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday or Mother's Day! Only 15 canvases were created in this special size.)
Visit the fan page for Jack and Jill Interiors and click "like" to join.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wendy Bellissimo!

When I started Jack and Jill Interiors back in 2001, there were very few other designers who were specializing in nursery and/or kids' room design. I had been busily designing dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and more for a few years with my original company, Bare Walls Design Co. But as time went on and I was given the opportunity to decorate a few nurseries, I found that this was my true calling and decided to start a second company that focused only on nurseries and children's spaces.
I did some research online at the time and only found one person with a strong web presence...Wendy Bellissimo. Anyone who had decorated their baby's nursery, knew who she was and I was about to follow in her footsteps.
Wendy has met with huge success over the years and fortunately, my company has grown by leaps and bounds, also. I've always admired Wendy's strong sense of family and her impeccable taste in design, so when I was contacted by her company several weeks ago to be her Nursery Decor Expert for Nesting, I was thrilled and so very honored!

Please visit and consider joining. It's a fantastic forum for mothers and allows you to link up with similar women, discuss child-rearing issues and make lasting friendships. And while you're there, stop by my new page as one of Wendy's Knowledge Nest Experts and read the articles I've written there.

Happy Decorating,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Think PINK for 2011!

I think I've always loved every shade of pink. As a teen in the 80's, I wouldn't walk out the door without wearing at least one pink item. In fact, in my junior year, a friend bet me that I couldn't go a week without wearing pink and yes, he won. I was caught with little pink bows on my socks. My nickname to many was even "Pinky"! (If I can find a photo of the pink satin prom gown I had, I'll insert it later.)
When I "grew up" (yes, the jury is still out on if/when that has happened since I play with crayons, scissors and markers all day!), I even painted my first studio a very sweet, pale pink. The color just makes me happy and it also works well with my skin and hair tones. If I had my druthers, I'd have some pink in every room of my home...but living in "testosterone zone" doesn't allow me to do so!
So it's no surprise that when I heard recently that the Pantone Color of 2011 is Honeysuckle, I was tickled pink!
Last year's big color was Turquoise and I'm sure we'll continue to see many shades of this used in decor, especially for the boys. But bright and happy pink will be popping up in everything now from fashion to bedding and furniture. I guess it's time to break out my big pink purses and baubles again!
Enjoy some pink images from my designs, personal life and other collections below!
 Yes, my computer, and many items on my desk are pink. My company pens that I give out at conventions are pink, too!
I love my pink tool belt, and matching protective pink goggles.
Much of my wall art reflects my favorite color.
Many of the nurseries and rooms I've decorated were a sweet shade of pink!
Sneak peek at a recent girl's room I've completed for a television celebrity. Many shades of yummy pink here!
A favorite UGG purse I carry throughout the winter.
These boots are fun and really turn some heads! I wear them when feeling especially spunky and want to create a stir!

My favorite new cardigan available at White House Black Market.

I also love wearing my pink flower ring. I purchased mine at a little beach gift shop in Maryland, but you can find similar rings online easily.

I don't leave the house without my pink Ravens mug full of coffee. (Yep, can take the girl out of Baltimore, but you can't take Baltimore out of the girl!)

And I always sport my pink Coach sunglasses. Notice my favorite fall jacket from Eddie Bauer, too! Lots and lots of pink in my wardrobe. And for the record...I've got more. But I'm keeping this a G rated post! ;)

My first, and so far- only venture into crib bedding design was this pink Bird's Nest set.