Sunday, June 27, 2010

Find Your Kids Room Design Style

I was recently interviewed for a new feature called "Discover Your Child's Style" and had a great time helping Melissa Macron determine the characteristics of four main decorating styles for children's rooms. We decided upon the following four styles: Classic, Romantic, Eclectic and Modern. I defined the characteristics of each style, while Melissa came up with a clever quiz to help you determine your child's decorating style.
So take a moment and check it out here: Discover Your Child's Style and be sure to come back here to the blog and add your comments to share your child's style with us!
Once you do so, visit my Jack and Jill Interiors site to get some ideas as to how you can pull together a room for each of the four styles. I have room design samples for each posted in my Cyber Design section. If you wish to receive the shopping list for one of the rooms, contact me for further information. Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pink Toolbelt

A few weeks ago I posted about my love of all things pink and listed a few pink tools and accessories that I've had my eye on. Well the kind ladies at Girlgear Industries read my blog and were so generous as to send me their own version of the pink toolbelt! This belt is very sturdy, well planned, and has a pocket for anything and everything a stylish Tomboy would need to complete her projects in style! As  you can see in the image, I've loaded it up with my tools and am ready to dig into this week's project...adding the stone around the garage doors and all of the exposed foundation around our log home. This belt is going to get a good workout, for sure!
Thanks, Girlgear Industries!