Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Service! Skype Consultation

Go from this...
to this!

Simply want an hour to pick the brain of a designer? Sherri can now be hired to do a Skype Consultation. Show her your room and design dilemma via camera or iPhone and she will advise you in how to redesign and rearrange your room from her studio. Wall color suggestions, furniture rearrangements, accessorizing can all be done by you, with Sherri's expert guidance.  Simply email the studio at  to set up a time that is convenient to you! $80/hour

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Revamped Website

I have to admit...I'm pretty proud of myself right now. I've been putting off tackling the makeover that my Jack and Jill Interiors website so desperately needed! You see, as a "starving artist" / designer ten years ago, I simply could not afford to hire someone to design my websites for Jack and Jill Interiors and Sherri Blum Designs. So I figured I had better learn how to design a site on my own. I solicited my friend, Wendy who had taken a few classes in web design at the local college and she spent two afternoons teaching me the ropes of website programs. I took extensive notes and dove right in with Jack and Jill Interiors.
Over the course of the past ten years, I've made many changes, shed countless tears, and I've royally messed up my site at times. I always knew that it looked a bit confused and at times even deranged, but it was the best I could do with my limited knowledge and budget. But over time, I taught myself more and even took on an entirely new software package and started over. However, with my divorce a few years ago and two moves, remarriage and two new step-children, licensing agreements and distant design clients- I wondered if I'd ever find the time to really figure out how to make my site look more professional.
With the upcoming publicity my company will be receiving (stay tuned for an announcement...not allowed to divulge details until the TV network powers say so!) my dear friend Joanne began prodding me to give my site some attention and ensure it properly reflects my attention to detail and professionalism! So I've spent the past week making drastic changes to the site and have even updated my logo. I would love it if you would check it out and feel free to make critical suggestions as well. The "press" page is not yet cleaned up, but that will be a project for another week, as I've got other projects to tackle for now. But I feel that the site has a great start and will provide the clean and professional look I wanted.
I know that most of my readers are either artists or interior designers like myself and are probably just as afraid as I was, to tackle something so technical and daunting. So for those of you who think that "artsy fartsy" types (aka "right-brained" people) are not capable of such "left-brained" projects, think again! This artsy-lefty was able to do it all by herself. I think I might open a bottle of wine tonight to celebrate my "impossible" accomplishment!
I'll leave you with a few images of my logos over the years.
Happy Decorating!

My original logo from 2001 until about 2008

Logo from 2008 until 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grand Prize... a Nursery or Kid's Room Designed By Sherri Blum

Little offers insider tips on daily deals for parents in your zip.  Landing soon in New York City and Atlanta with other cities to follow soon after!
Sign up with Little Birdie today and enter to win one of three amazing FEATHER YOUR NEST GIVEAWAYS! Two winners, one in NYC and one in Atlanta will each win a $4500 nursery or kid's DREAM ROOM designed by none other than myself! I will travel to your home to design a custom room just for your special little one. 
Parents everywhere else could win a $1,000 gift card, perfect for decorating a kid's room or nursery. One lucky winner will be chosen. Follow this link to enter for your chance to win:
Good luck!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Project for You and Your Kids

When I am hired to design a kid's room, I really enjoy the interaction with the child. I love asking questions about their dreams, their hobbies and passions....and I love working with them to reflect those passions in the design of the room. While much of my focus is in discovering what makes the child happy, I am being paid by the PARENTS. Their opinion on the outcome must be considered, as well. And in most cases, the parents' biggest concern beyond budget, is that the child's room become better organized.
When I was asked recently by Home Workshop to demonstrate a DIY project, I naturally wanted to come up with one that will help the parents with the organizational issues, as well as something that will seem very cool to the kids. And as I always strive to do- I wanted to find a project that would be great for parent and child to work on TOGETHER. I love bringing the family together, giving them a little "homework" assignment and incorporating that family project into the finished room. By the end of the design process, it is my goal for the family to have spent some quality time together and my hope that the parent and child might have also learned something new about the other. It's not just about the room,'s about growing and learning, too! (Can you tell that I'm a former teacher?!)
So check out my DIY Project on the Home Workshop Blog for a great and easy project for you and your kids. And please do send me photos of your completed projects. I'll post them all in a future blog.
Happy Decorating!