Thursday, November 10, 2011

Corduroy Appreciation Day! 11/11/11

There are many sights, sounds and smells that bring back nostalgic feelings from childhood and while the triggers of childhood memories will vary for each of us, there are several that are common across the board- like the sound of Friday Night Football games, the smell of freshly baked cookies, the sight of an old metal swing set or see saw, corn dogs and cotton candy…and for many of us slipping into the softest, comfiest Corduroy pants, will even conjure up some nostalgia as well.
For many generations folks have been enjoying this low maintenance fabric. I remember wearing a red corduroy jumper dress as a child, I dressed both of my sons in corduroy pants all winter long as they were toddlers and young boys, and my youngest son's favorite stuffed animal was his Corduroy Bear from the popular children's book. We still have him sitting on a shelf today! 
Corduroy is one of those fabrics that you can dress up or dress down, depending on whether you pair it with a denim shirt and boots, or a sweater and nice shoes. Its wash and wear maintenance makes it a favorite among most.
Corduroy has found it's way into home design trends over the years as well. It's easy to maintain on chairs, bedding, and pillows.  
Some believe that the word "corduroy" comes from a French origin and is derived from "corde du roi" which would translate as cloth of the king. Others say that it's origin is English. Regardless, people have been enjoying this fabric for centuries and tomorrow, 11/11/11 has been declared Corduroy Appreciation Day. This date wasn't chosen because of any particular affinity for the number, but because when you view the date, it looks like rows of waled corduroy fabric!
I'll share a few favorite corduroy items here with you today. And you'd better believe, I'll be sporting my favorite corduroy pants or jacket tomorrow. Will you?

Girls' Red Corduroy Jumper Dress from Dillards

The Book can be found at Amazon or any local bookstore.

Typical CASUAL boy's corduroy outfit
Typical DRESSIER boy's corduroy outfit
Military inspired corduroy hat...great for men or women!

My favorite Eddie Bauer Corduroy Jacket...yes, I've got it in 3 colors! 

And this girl's bedding has sweet corduroy trim and pillows! 

You didn't think I'd forget the men, did you? Well they can't go wrong with anything from J. Crew

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