Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Look for the Site!

I wanted to share some exciting news...I've been asked by Sears to be a spokesperson for a portion of a new marketing campaign. They sent a press release to major magazine editors about nursery design over the decades and how Sears has kept up with the trends. I will be the designer that the editors contact with any questions about nursery design trends and Sears' contributions.

So...I figured that if all of these wonderful magazine editors were going to be checking out my Jack and Jill Interiors website, that I'd better clean it up a bit!

I found (actually my friend, Joni found her...thanks, Joni!) this wonderful gal named Carrie who created a beautiful header for my website. She did a great job and captured the look I wanted.

So check out Carrie's work here: and contact her for your own logo or header needs. She was great to work with...and quick!

See the all new Jack and Jill Interiors and share your thoughts!


Carrie Sue said...

Thanks Sherri, it was a pleasure working with you too and your site looks great. Good luck with all of your new endeavors.

michelle said...

wow this sounds like a great opportunity! it's been nice chatting with by email. i look forward to meeting you in person some day. if you ever visit one of your showrooms during the gift shows look me up.

your bedding line is gorgeous!