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Organic Crib Mattress

As a nursery designer, it is not only my job to create beautiful nurseries for my clients, but I also feel that it is my duty to share the latest and greatest nursery products with them. When I had babies, I didn't think twice about the fact that the crib mattresses they slept on were made completely of synthetic materials, including  plastic- that now is linked to some long-term health issues such as asthma and more. With the growing awareness of such dangers, as well as our increased awareness of our carbon footprint on the environment, I'm excited to share with you this great company that provides a crib mattress that is both safe for our babies and friendly to our environment!


Natural, organic and green-Naturalmat is the only global natural mattress maker and has been making fiber mattresses for babies and children since 2001. Naturalmat’s handmade mattresses are  lovingly handcrafted in Devon from organic and sustainable sources of raw materials, all of which are biodegradable and comply with fair trade policies.  Even Naturalmat packaging is eco friendly, made from potato starch and a mixture of recyclable and renewable paper sources from the Forestry Stewardship Council.  

Naturalmat has three styles of organic mattresses to choose from:

COCO MAT-The most breathable and organic crib mattress
Coco Mat is the most breathable of all Naturalmat mattresses which makes it ideal for small babies.  The gentle spring of the coir is surrounded by organic lambswool with Naturalmat’s anti-dust mite protection.  This helps with insulation and provides a soft tufting to the top of the mattress. 

What Makes It Great?
-Only Naturalmat uses coir from the only certified organic coconut plantation
-Coir ensures unbeatable airflow, superior spring and excellent support, promoting healthy natural sleep
-Organic lambswool washed in water from the river Dart
-Essential oils of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus make Naturalmat’s organic lambswool anti-dust mite
-No polyethylene or synthetics for optimum breathability
-Excellent ventilation and insulation
-Naturally springy and supportive
-Mattress covers are 100 percent pure unbleached cotton, and are removable and machine washable
Recommended Retail:   $399.00
Size: 28” x 52”

LATEX MAT-The most allergy safe mattress offering medium support
Made from Latex that is completely natural and tapped straight from the rubber tree.  The latex forms a springy core and is sandwiched between layers of organic coir for extra support, which is then wrapped in Naturalmat’s anti-dust mite organic lambswool.  Latex Mat is Naturalmat’s most hypoallergenic mattress, to keep dusts mites and allergens at bay.  Latex Mat is offered in both a crib mattress and twin mattress sizing.

What Makes It Great?
-Made from natural latex
-Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
-Essential oils of lavender, lemon and Eucalyptus make Naturalmat lambswool anti-dust mite
-Anti-microbial-perfect for asthma and eczema sufferers
-Organic lambswool washed in water from the river Dart
-Extremely breathable
-Excellent ventilation and insulation
-Long lasting superior orthopaedic support promoting good spinal development
-Mattress covers are 100 percent pure unbleached cotton, and are removable and machine washable
Recommended Retail:   $525.00
Size: 28” x 52”
Latex Mat is also offered in a twin mattress size.
Recommended Retail: $999.00

MOHAIR MAT-The most luxurious firm and supportive organic mattress
Mohair Mat is Naturalmat’s most luxurious, firm and supportive baby mattress made with soft mohair from the Angora goat.  It has superior spring due to the layer of long horsetail fibers, which sits between two layers of organic coir.  As the longest natural fiber known, horse tail hair gives the most superior and supple springs.  The coir is wrapped in lustrous soft mohair which acts as a superior thermal insulator.

What Makes it Great?
-Made with luxurious soft mohair from the Angora goat
-Mohair is naturally flame resistant, durable and resilient
-Naturally anti-dust mite
-Extremely breathable
-Excellent ventilation and thermal insulation
-Firm, springy and supportive
-Mattress covers are 100 percent pure unbleached cotton and are removable and machine washable
Recommended Retail:   $625.00
Size: 28” x 52”

For those of you who already have a crib mattress, or feel the full organic mattress is out of your price range, the Top Mat should be the perfect way to protect your sleeping baby from direct contact with the synthetic mattress you have!

TOP MAT-A brilliant economical organic make over for baby’s current mattress and portable organic mattress solution

Naturalmat’s new organic Top Mat mattress is an economical way of turning baby’s crib mattress into an organic one.  This lightweight quilted mattress can be packed away and used on vacation or when visiting family.
Two layers of organic lambswool are contained within this overlay to your child’s crib.  The natural and breathable materials contained within the top mat regulate your baby’s temperature and help them to sleep soundly. 

What Makes it Great?
- Contains two layers of organic lambswool
-Breathable overlay for better ventilation
-Lambswool treated with essential oils including lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, which offer protection against bed bugs and dust mites
-Machine Washable
-Complies with all standards
-Completely chemical free
Recommended retail: $129
Make the Top Mat even more portable by ordering the travel mat cotton drawstring bag, recommended retail: $14.99

Selecting your baby's mattress is a matter of personal choice. I recall worrying about SIDS and other things when selecting my youngest son's mattress. (I was too young and naive to worry about such, six years earlier with my first born!) I know there is an overabundance of concerns and choices. By sharing this information with you, I'm not saying that this is the only and best choice in mattresses. It is my goal to share options with you and trust that you, as the parent will make the choice that is best for you and your family. I had my youngest child sleeping on a mesh "mattress" that allowed complete air flow around him. In hindsight, it must have been very uncomfortable at times and might not have been the choice others would have made. But given my worrisome nature as a mom, it was the choice that made me most comfortable at the time. Shop around, check out your options and be comfortable with the choice you make. You won't go wrong!

For more information about Naturalmat, visit: Kastel International.
Want to view a video about Naturalmat? Click here: Naturalmat

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