Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cowgirl Boot Fetish?

Hubby thinks I've got a problem...he thinks I'm developing a boot fetish. I recently added a new pair of boots to my fleet and he gave me "that look". You all know the look I'm talking about...puzzled, slightly concerned and definitely amused at the fact that you've bought yet another of whatever it is you happen to enjoy collecting.
Now what my dear new hubby of only 17 months doesn't understand is that buying a new pair of boots isn't something I just do on a whim. He is also a bit naive (as many men are) about what makes us women tick. Don't worry...I intend to train him well over the course of the next few years and enlighten him to the fact that shoes and clothing aren't something we women take lightly. We express ourselves- our personalities, our goals, and our style by carefully selecting each item we place on our bodies each day. And my style just happens to be heavily defined by my western boots. I pair them with a nice pair of jeans, pretty shirt and a smart jacket each day and step out feeling good about the image I'm presenting. Classic, yet approachable -and just a tiny bit eccentric.
While I'm aware that western boots have made a style comeback in the past couple of years, "cowgirl" boots are not a new interest for me. In fact, I've been raised wearing my boots.
My family was in the horse business all my life and I spent the majority of my days and nights wearing manure covered boots.  They were normal to me and even into adulthood, I just feel better wearing them. They define my style and personality very well. And if you get a good pair, they're arguably as comfy as a pair of sneakers!  (The image below was a new pair I received for my 13th birthday. Pardon my dorky brother in the background!)

 Two pair of boots in the top image are actually over 20 years old- and yes, I've worn them through a barn or two in my life. In college, my roommate teased me about my western boots...until one day shortly after graduation I arrived at her home to find a pair of boots in her closet. So I'll take credit for converting her, too.(You know who you are, Linda!)  And I've even dressed my boys in boots over the years. While they are now "big boys" of 17 and 12 years, when they were toddlers, they often wore boots. I've kept their "baby boots" and even have them nicely displayed in my log home. Where other moms keep their baby's shoes, I've kept my babies' boots!
 And what I hope my dear new hubby will realize after he reads this post, is that purchasing a new pair of boots is not something I do without deliberation. They've been a very important part of my life and my style since I was a toddler. And most importantly, he should also feel very honored. Because what would I buy for the man I love most in this world to show him that he's my one and only soul mate? A pair of his very own BOOTS, of course!

 What is the one item that you feel helps define your style? Take a look in your you see a pattern or a theme? Share your story!


Mary Bauer, The Prez said...

I totally get it! Your boots are a part of you. He'll figure it out one day. And, I must say, I love your collection. They are all fabulous. I too, am a boot girl, but I'm not loyal. I have french riding boots, motorcycle boots, thigh high heeled boots, hunter boots and yes, cowboy boots.

Sherri Blum, CID said...

I knew you'd get it, Mary! Loved those boots you were rockin' when we had lunch a few weeks ago, by the way!
I've got other boots, as well...but the western boots are a definite favorite for me.
I'm trying to pave the way for that pair of turquoise boots I have my eye on next...hoping he "gets it" soon! ;)