Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Project for You and Your Kids

When I am hired to design a kid's room, I really enjoy the interaction with the child. I love asking questions about their dreams, their hobbies and passions....and I love working with them to reflect those passions in the design of the room. While much of my focus is in discovering what makes the child happy, I am being paid by the PARENTS. Their opinion on the outcome must be considered, as well. And in most cases, the parents' biggest concern beyond budget, is that the child's room become better organized.
When I was asked recently by Home Workshop to demonstrate a DIY project, I naturally wanted to come up with one that will help the parents with the organizational issues, as well as something that will seem very cool to the kids. And as I always strive to do- I wanted to find a project that would be great for parent and child to work on TOGETHER. I love bringing the family together, giving them a little "homework" assignment and incorporating that family project into the finished room. By the end of the design process, it is my goal for the family to have spent some quality time together and my hope that the parent and child might have also learned something new about the other. It's not just about the room,'s about growing and learning, too! (Can you tell that I'm a former teacher?!)
So check out my DIY Project on the Home Workshop Blog for a great and easy project for you and your kids. And please do send me photos of your completed projects. I'll post them all in a future blog.
Happy Decorating!

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