Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Tomboy Loves Pink!

While I might look like a girly girl on the surface, I'm a total Tomboy to the core! I grew up with a family owned horseback riding stable business that was a concession to the world famous Bedford Springs Resort. We had about 20-30 horses who needed to be groomed, fed, wormed, saddled, brought in and left out to pasture- each and every day. The barn needed cleaned, saddles repaired and oiled and fences mended. My two brothers and I had morning and evening responsibilities to the family business. We were hard-working and dirty by the time our day was done. I often joked that the horses ate before we could. Now, while I might have complained as a teen, you won't find me complaining today. I learned great work ethic during those formative years and learned how to wield and hammer and drill like no other girl I knew! And I absolutely LOVED my time with my Daddy! I enjoyed following him into the woods on a hunting adventure or by horseback to clear out a new riding trail, much more than I enjoyed learning how to cook in the kitchen with Mom. No offense to Mom, but I just always loved the guy toys and adventures more. (My poor hubby suffers to this day since I never did find my way around a kitchen!) And with two brothers always at my side, I had little choice in activities, anyway! Afterall, they hated when I broke out the barbie dolls and would put a bow and arrow in my hands instead!

Despite the tomboy childhood, pink was always my favorite color. I know this is a huge contradiction, but I do look good in pink and do enjoy feminine clothing and decor. I enjoy all that glitters and all the little things that make me feel pretty. Today, my husband owns every tool under the sun. Afterall, he did build our home himself! But given that I still enjoy having my very own tool box in my car, I find myself looking for quality tools with some girly bling to boot!
Allow me to introduce you to some of the wonderful new friends I currently call my own, or hope to shortly!

Charm and Hammer Eva Safety Glasses have a pink ribbon on the side in support of breast cancer awareness.
And any true tomboy knows how important a good drill is, and how much wear and tear it saves on the wrist!
Pink Tools for Tomboys has the perfect drill for you!
Find this screwdriver set at Amazon

Hammer away with this 13 oz hammer from Tomboy Tools.

Ladies Tools Online has this cute suede tool belt to keep all the necessities within reach. Now, I've searched for quality pink tool belts for a couple of years (while I'd love a Gucci tool belt like Nicole Sassaman, they're just not readily available to the public!) and in reading reviews about this one in particular, some have complained about the pink dye rubbing off onto the jeans, so I've held off on purchasing this and will just wear the plain tan belt in the interim. My dad does saddle repair work and works with leather like a true artisan. I've hinted as subtly as I can, but he still hasn't gotten around to making me a pink tool belt yet! I might need to be less subtle!
This one made my tomboy heart race! I am soooo getting myself one of these pink rolling tool carts when my new studio/design center is built! Every true tomboy will need one of these, for sure!

What are your favorite tools? They don't need to be pink, but I'd love to hear what you find you just can't live without.

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