Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Customers Make My World Go Round!

I love both of my "jobs"...in fact I love what I do so much that it feels awkward calling it a "job"! I absolutely love having a blank canvas in front of me -whether it be a new nursery to decorate or a canvas for one of my wall hanging designs. I love creating and hope that my designs will bring smiles to the faces of all who see them and enjoy them in their homes each day.
So you can only imagine how rewarding it is to receive feedback from my happy clients and customers! And when they send photos of my nursery wall art hung proudly in their nurseries, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling all over! Yes, my "jobs" are fun, no matter how you slice it!
I just received a new image of my Tea Party Wall Hanging as used in a new nursery and thought I'd share some of these great customer photos with you today. If you have a Sherri Blum Designs canvas in your home, I'd love to see it and receive your feedback. If you have any suggestions for a new design, I also welcome that. Some of my best selling products have been suggested by customers and my retailers.
In the meanwhile, enjoy these happy customer photos while I put my brush to four new canvases! Yes...I have some great new designs I'm working on this week and I promise I'll share as soon as I'm able!
Room by muralist Debbie Viola

I want to nibble on his little cheeks!

 My  Storybook Wall Hanging is well loved.
Full House star, Jodie Sweetin loved her Sherri Blum canvases. I enjoyed working on her nursery with her. She called me up to help her finish the room for this People Magazine photo shoot and an Access Hollywood taping, which was to take place within two weeks! We pulled it off!

Custom made for Tori Spelling's daughter, Stella and son, Liam. Her publicist wrote to me and said that Tori loved them both!

Yes, even Octomom is a fan...this hangs on the wall right outside of her nursery.

Custom made for Marcia Cross's twin daughters.

Angela Kinsey, (Angela Martin from "The Office") even wrote a thank you note! She is a class act! I love her card!

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Melissa Miller said...

Sherri thank you very much for my precious "M" canvas I received today! You are so talented my friend. I have already found a place for it and will blog about it very soon.

Thanks again & many blessings.
~Melissa :)