Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Gender Surprise Nursery - Is it a Boy or Girl?

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been blessed with a busy spring and summer. Upon finishing up my last gender surprise nursery and sharing our big gender nursery reveal, I was contacted by a wonderful young couple in Long Beach, New York to complete another gender surprise nursery.

Mom-to-Be does not want to know her baby's gender, but Dad-to-Be did want to know. This actually makes my job a bit easier this time around, as I have one parent to help make decisions if something we have selected for the nursery becomes unavailable and we need to find a replacement. When neither parent knows the gender, once I begin ordering the items, I have to make these executive decisions (and find suitable replacements) all on my own and just pray that the family will love the new item in the end.

See the two design boards below and do be merciful when judging my photoshop skills!
Here is a rendering of the room with furniture in place. The bookcase on the left is actually a very nice built in unit. The room has great windows!

Here is a shot of the actual room, now used as a home office. Notice the height and angles in the ceiling. I love a room with character! Regardless of baby's gender, we're replacing the wooden blinds with cream colored roman shades. There will be a colored tape trim on them to coordinate with the pink if a girl, and a khaki color if a boy. The green carpeting is being replaced with a laminate flooring that resembles hardwood flooring.

Design Board 1: If blessed with a boy, we're using this great Bratt Decor furniture, Charn and Co. lighting, Marie Ricci Medallion and a Little Castle Nursery Glider. We've selected this great crib bedding by New Arrivals. The strip of seafoam at the top of the design board represents the ceiling color. I am known for adding color to all ceilings possible! We're replacing the knobs on the dresser with some adorable knot style knobs. Since the family loves boating (they do live on Long Island!) we're featuring a map of Long Island over the changing table and a sepia tone photo of Grandpa's boat will go over the chair. The roughly photoshopped rope on the wall represents a hand painted rope mural I will trail randomly across the wall behind the glider and around the windows. 

Design Board 2: If graced with a girl, we're using the Bratt Decor Casablanca Crib in distressed white and the same Manhattan Dresser. Doodlefish Kids crib bedding and lighting by Jubilee were chosen. The strip of darker pink at the top of the design board represents the ceiling color. We selected an Angel Song nursery glider covered in the same pink toile featured in the bedding. We will add a custom designed tree branch wall decal with pink birds on the wall behind the glider chair and a collection of vintage mirrors and frames over the changing table. 

Other accessories such as fabric lined baskets, toys and photo frames will be neatly arranged on the built in bookcase wall unit. 

So stay tuned to find out which nursery we install in our second GENDER REVEAL NURSERY! Baby is due December 18, 2012. Which nursery is your favorite? Chime in, folks!

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