Friday, May 20, 2011

Virtual Nursery Design by Carousel Designs

As a designer, I’m always working with clients to help develop the perfect space in their home, coordinating rooms using various colors, fabric, and furniture.  I recently came across a tool that makes this process easy and fun.  It’s from a company named Carousel Designs, and the tool is called the interactive Nursery Designer®.
I enjoy using the Nursery Designer® because it allows me to create a virtual nursery by choosing from a selection of fabrics, patterns and colors for the bedding.  Instead of imaging what a combination of the options might look like, I can visually create this on my computer.  This helps me explore new design possibilities, and visually express them to the parents I work with.  I even encourage my clients to get in on the fun with different design combinations and come up with their perfect custom crib bedding set to match whatever inspiration – color scheme, theme, sentimental pieces – they can imagine.  

A child’s nursery should be a very unique, personal, and special place for both the child and the parents, and can provide the foundation for wonderful memories for years to come.  Try this tool, and see how easy it can be to create a perfect crib bedding to match your child’s nursery!
What I love about Carousel Designs is not only their unique online design capability and amazing quality baby bedding, it’s also the tradition and spirit of the company. Carousel Designs was started more than 23 years ago and the company made a name for itself by manufacturing great quality products, all right here in the USA. The new owners have sustained that tradition of excellence; all of their bedding continues to be made right in their Douglasville, Georgia plant!  

Another thing that makes Carousel Designs unique to the industry is the owners’ backgrounds– they happen to be West Point classmates and former Army officers. I mean, who knew?! The company is a big supporter of U.S. military service members and their families … you can read more about their personal commitment to supporting military families here

Whether it’s for the beautiful baby bedding designs, the fun-to-play-with interactive Nursery Designer® tool, or to learn more about the company story, be sure to check Carousel Designs out at!

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