Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Designs on the Way!

Well I'm finally getting back on track...I've spent the past year focusing on my family life and have finally settled into a very happy NEW place in my life. During those times of trials and tribulations, my creative juices were stagnant. In order to paint and be creative, I have to feel it...I must feel happy, alive and undistracted. Divorce and moving does not equal happy, alive and undistracted, to say the least!

HOWEVER...I am now settled into a healthy and fulfilling marriage to a man who makes me feel very happy and very much alive! He DOES tend to distract me somewhat from my work...but that's a good thing considering I haven't always been able to balance work and family very well on my own. I'm now able to maintain a healthy balance between work and my personal life and it feels GREAT!

Thank you to all of my supportive friends who have seen me through to this point. I am blessed indeed!

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